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After much thought, I have decided to give blogging a go. I’m tired of the unfinished journals making clutter in my room and all the wasted money spent on lost pens.

I need a place where I can express my thoughts and share my life experiences, so what better way to do this than a blog? I’ve given this blog “thing” a lot of thought and I’ve decided that I can use this blog to help me achieve my fitness goals and career goals.

I’m a thin girl. I’m 5’7” and I weight 111 pounds. Over the years I’ve come to love exercising. I love going to the gym because it destresses me. I guess you could say it’s my happy place. Despite what people might think or say I don’t go to the gym to lose weight. It’s quite the contradictory; I’m trying to gain muscle in order to gain weight. I’ve been underweight most of my life and I’m tired of hearing people say “you’re too thin” “or you need to eat more.”

I want to learn to love my body and to be happy with myself.

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