Hello Senior Year!


As my final year as an Aztec approaches, I can’t help but ask myself how I’m going to make my final year the most memorable year yet.

I’m afraid of moving on, afraid of change and most definitely afraid of failure. I’m scared of moving onto the “real world”, not landing a job right after college, but most importantly I’m scared of not making the most of my undergrad years. I want to hold onto the late night Trujillo runs, sorority socials and the carefree lifestyle.

I came into college thinking that I would never meet anyone as amazing + adventurous as my high school friends. It never occurred to me that I would meet my best friends in college, because I thought I already had them. I was obviously wrong. The images captured with my high school friends were slowly replaced with new memories from college. I have met my best friends in college (my future bridesmaids will probably be from college). I was lucky enough to have been surrounded by many young + inspirational leaders.
(c) Lalo Rubio

There isn’t a doubt in my mind that my four years at San Diego State University will be the greatest four years of my life. So far, these past three years have been amazing. I don’t want to leave; I want to stay here forever… only if I could.

Although senior year should be all business, I can’t spend my final year behind a textbook. I have promised myself that I would take every opportunity given to play. I will have fun and enjoy it. I will go on that crazy spring break trip to Mexico and say yes to a party invite even if I have an 8:00 am exam the next day.

Don’t get me wrong my academics come first, after all that is why I came to college in the first place. But no one remembers the days they spent studying late in the library, we remember the late night Trujillo runs and long beach days with the girls.

As terrified as I am to enter the real world I won’t let my worries of not finding a job, graduating in time and with honors come between enjoying my last and final year as an Aztec. I’ll update my resume + LinkedIn page religiously. I’ll maintain my 3.0+ GPA all while having the time of my life with my fellow Aztecs and my lovely Delta Zeta sisters.

Here’s to my final year as an Aztec, but even then I’ll be an Aztec for Life.

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