My Fall Bucket List


In San Diego it’s felt like summer all of October but good news it’s finally starting to feel like fall! We can finally bring out the flannels and the booties without feeling shamelss or out of place, but let's not forget the Pumpkin-spice everything.

Regardless of what corporate America decides to tell us, it’s still fall and I’ll wait to order my peppermint spice latte for a few more weeks because I just want to embrace the little bit of fall that San Diegan’s get. I have lived in San Diego my entire life, so sadly I never had to opportunity to experience all of the four seasons.

I’ve been waiting for the chilly season to hit San Diego because I’m tired of the warm weather. Yes, I said it. I’ll complain about it being hot because let’s face it we all LOVE when the seasons change, and I’ll admit it, I was jealous of everyone who had to opportunity to experience fall in October. I’ve been dying to bring out all my fall essentials and do all things fall. So I’ve compiled a list of things I want to do this fall and I hope you all decide to do them too.

  1. Go to a Pumpkin Patch
  2. Carve a Pumpkin
  3. Visit the Julian Pie Company
  4. Have a Picnic at a Local Park
  5. Bake an Apple Pie
  6. Host a Thanksgiving
  7. Visit Disneyland
  8. Tailgate at a Football Game
  9. Visit the Local Farmers Market
  10. Have a Coffee Date
  11. Volunteer Your Time
  12. Make Hot Cocoa
  13. Eat a Feast
  14. Visit the Zoo
  15. Have a Fall Photo Shoot
  16. Craft
  17. Give Thanks
  18. Read a Book
  19. Write
  20. Eat Pumpkin Pie
Happy Fall (:

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