What Ashley Did in 2016


2016: What. A. Year. Am I right? Never have I known a year with so many fantastic highs and devastating lows. 2016 flew by in a blink of an eye. I can clearly remember last year's New Year's Eve celebrations as if it was yesterday. Now, here we are, ready to say goodbye to 2016.

Contrary to popular belief, 2016 was a great year. It was the year where I graduated from San Diego State (if you can't already tell from the Insta photos). As a first-generation student, this was a big milestone for me and my family. For me, the day of my graduation was very emotional and it meant the world to me to know that my boyfriend and family, (parents and 5 siblings), were cheering for me. It was the year where I attended my first musical festival (and fell in love). And the year where I was able to spend a full year without any deployments with my love, Uriah.

I definitely felt more grown up this year as I focused on growing in my career. 2016 was also a year where I focused on coping with self-doubt and working on believing that I am good enough.

I am grateful for all the encouragement and positivity I've gotten in 2016, especially in the last few months. I have some great things planned for 2017 so I couldn't be more eager to start off the new year. Thank you so much for following along and have a very happy, healthy and positive 2017.

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